Our new user-oriented CRM

11th December 2019

On Tuesday 10 December, Eudonet, European Leader in cloud CRM solutions, has launched Eudonet x. This next generation CRM solution was developed in close partnership with clients and is entirely geared towards user experience.

Users: architects of Eudonet x

Following two-years of biannual clubs and seminars involving several hundred of the company’s clients and whose aim was to envision the CRM of the future, Eudonet can now offer users a next generation solution, “Eudonet x”. The vision set out in partnership with clients over the course of the workshops was of a CRM solution that must be on-line, mobile, at the heart of operations, more straightforward and one that would make interactions with clients more fluid.

User Experience

Every major area of functionality, including the contacts portfolio, marketing automation, multichannel campaigns, client tracking, the group diary, invoicing, etc., was looked at from the perspective of user experience, frustrating glitches in day to day functionality were identified and innovative solutions to improve “usability” were devised.

The first level of this Eudonet metamorphosis is a fully redesigned interface. In keeping with web standards, each screen has been stripped back to enhance the readability of important information. Special attention was paid to all of the micro-interactions that make use more intuitive.

Eudonet x was also developed to incorporate user action prompts. This feature supports users to execute potentially complex tasks, for example creating dashboards, designing interlinked multi-criteria filters and even creating email templates in “responsive design”.

Technological framework

Eudonet x was developed in Agile and is based on the Vue.js + .NET core technological framework. There are a number of advantages to using this technology: Web design and a UX that takes full advantage of HTML5 and CSS3, excellent UI reactivity after client/server rebalancing, significantly improved performance and a much better maintainability/security pairing in .NET core. Eudonet will now be updated 4 times per year and this technology means that developments will be swifter and new elements available more rapidly. Widgets to make tracking and navigation easier, a landing page generator, an extranet platform and new extensions have already been announced and will be available in the Eudo store in spring 2020.


The launch of Eudonet x comes immediately following the Eudonet Group’s announcement of its acquisition of Stb, now Eudonet Stb, the leader in CRM solutions in Eudonet’s main market area in the Netherlands.

Eudonet is already established in France, Swizerland, Belgium, Canada and the United Kingdom, and this acquisition has allowed the Group to broaden its international reach and expand Eudonet’s functional coverage through sharing the development of common solutions to their respective CRMs in domains such as mobile apps, website and CMS (content management system), external modules, and so on.

As a result of this acquisition, Eudonet now has an annual turnover exceeding €20 million and a staff team of over 200 across Europe and Canada.