Eudonet announces its 1000th client: CroissancePlus CroissancePlus

September 18th, 2017

The international CRM company is integrating Eudonet software for CroissancePlus, enabling them to centralize all of their contacts, gain better insight into their members and provide support at the highest level.

As both solution editor and integrator, the Eudonet group provides out of the box and industryspecific CRM around the world. They have recently signed a contract with CroissancePlus, the first of its kind French network of growing businesses. At the same time, CroissancePlus becomes Eudonet’s 1000th customer.

The Eudonet solution was selected to resolve an urgent issue at CroissancePlus: To centralize its existing database, which was scattered across multiple obsolete files, making connections at best a difficult task. Aiming to support companies with clearly defined growth targets, CroissancePlus needed to create a centralized database of public sector contacts (parliaments and ministries), associations, leaders, sociologists and even philosophers as potential contacts for their members, depending on their entrepreneurial aspirations.

“In order to continue to guide our members and develop their loyalty, we wanted to get to know them better and to provide them with targeted offers. In particular, we wanted to put them in contact with other companies who could advise them on very specific subjects. By correlating all of our contacts, we were looking to move to the next level in our member support role. We want to continue to be a real partner for our members. Eudonet has the resources to allow us to do exactly that" explained Céline Garrisson, Chief Executive Officer at CroissancePlus. "I met the Eudonet teams during a previous role and had been impressed by their solution. With the new requirements at CroissancePlus, I immediately thought of Eudonet, knowing that their experience, professionalism and expertise would help us with our CRM requirements” she added.

For 17 years, Eudonet has helped companies in various sectors to harmonize their databases and enable them to gain insight into their contacts, establishing a more personalized relationship with their customers: "We are very happy to welcome CroissancePlus to our community of Eudonet users.

We are as proud to see them become our 1000th customer as we are to see the association support innovative companies. Eudonet, being a rapidly expanding French company itself, is delighted to be able to accompany them in this adventure ", agreed Antoine Henry, President at Eudonet.

By becoming Eudonet’s 1000th customer, CroissancePlus has enabled the CRM solution provider to further strengthen its expertise with professional associations. Eudonet also works closely with companies in other sectors, including higher education, NGOs and NFPs, real estate, the public sector, and even franchises.

About Eudonet:

Created in 2000, Eudonet is both a CRM publisher and integrator, providing both out of the box and industry-specific solutions that are perfectly adapted to their customers’ needs. The company provides CRM solutions to multiple sectors, such as foundations and NGOs, higher education, the public sector, real estate, chambers of commerce, cultural institutions and professional associations.

Available in SaaS or on premise formats, Eudonet is used by customers in the UK and around the world. In July 2017, the CRM company signed its 1000th customer, reinforcing their renowned expertise in helping companies to get the best out of their databases and maximise insight into their contacts.

About CroissancePlus:

The first French network of its kind for growing businesses, CroissancePlus brings together around 400 innovative companies. Its mission is to develop French companies’ economic, social, cultural and societal standing, nurturing an ecosystem favourable for growth. CroissancePlus, created in 1997 and chaired by Jean-Baptiste Danet, has a day to day role as actor and influencer around public authorities and opinion leaders. Leading various meetings and exchanges, CroissancePlus is also implicated in the public arena through the organization of numerous events around leading political and economic personalities. / @CroissancePlus